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 Psycho SBooter Version 5.5.1

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PostSubject: Psycho SBooter Version 5.5.1   Sat Feb 09, 2008 7:54 pm

The Update and Features :

* Updated 6 Booting Option
Update all Booting Packet template, it supposed make the booter will work good if the boot packet strings is unique

* Adding Master Bot with Captcha entry
This supposed to Join 1 bot to the room to grab all id in the room
- select user to boot
- add to safe list

* Adding Boot Room
- it will send the boot packet to all user in the room
- this boot room packet is error packet that will fast efect to YM user Very Happy

Note :

*The Captcha entry is Beta, so it would not ferfect like Chat Client, you should close the form if the List of user already exist .
* don't forget to remove "Yahoo" id in the room, you will not need to boot this id don't you, lol
* when boot room is activated then the setting automaticly change, so if you use other option for single victim, make sure you change it again.

have fun



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Psycho SBooter Version 5.5.1
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